Gifts That Tie Generations Together



Welcome to Fairy Godmother Creations where we turn your garments and heirloom fabrics into quality gifts that tie generations together.

Christening box2Turn a wedding dress into a Christening Gown to pass family traditions on to future generations.

Memory bears boxbTurn a shirt or fur coat into huggable Memory Teddy Bears as a way to remember someone special, or to share a well-remembered garment with loved ones.

Communion boxbComing Soon! Turn a wedding dress into a Communion Outfit to pass family traditions on to future generations.

Memory flowers boxc

Handmade Memory Flowers from your wedding dress or neck tie provide beautiful memories.

gifts boxb

We create a variety of heirloom gifts from clothing and heirloom fabrics.

Quilting boxb

Memory Quilts, blankets, throws and pillows patchworked from loved ones clothing.

repair boxb

We provide some limited repair services for fabric-based heirlooms.

Heirloom Memory Bears

You can have an heirloom memory bear made from a loved ones fur or fabric coat or other clothing items. Heirloom memory bears make a great gift that ties generations together.


Christmas 2013 – 119 Memory Bears, One Cat and a Whole Lot of Christmas Joy

We had such a wonderful time this Christmas season! We created 119 Memory Bears (and one cat), and helped spread a whole lot of Christmas joy. Here’s a quick look at all 119 Memory Bears (and one cat). Thanks to everyone for letting us be a part of your Christmas celebration. We hope you enjoy the bears (and one cat)!


Heirloom Christmas Tree Skirts

Fairy Godmother Creations can turn your loved one’s garments into an heirloom quality Christmas Tree Skirt that will make every Christmas more memorable. Learn More


See our christening gown service featured on Living Dayton TV show.



soft dolls and animals01Liane Wagner is a life-long fabric artist. She develops original patterns for unique items. Some of her patterns have been featured in Soft Dolls & Animals magazine.

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If your are thinking of having a fur coat turned into teddy bears, take advantage of our May special! FREE SHIPPING on our fur bear service through May. ...

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We're offering FREE SHIPPING on Fur Bear orders through May! ...

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These memory flowers were created from a wedding dress. Margot Engle and her sister brought their mother's wedding dress to my studio looking to have floral Corsages and Boutonniere's made from it.

Their mother had just been moved to a convalescent home. In cleaning out her home, they came across the wedding dress and, thinking they had some time, decided to have it made into floral pieces that the family could wear at their mother's funeral when the time finally came.

Unfortunately, Margot's mother took a turn for the worse about a week or so after they had left the dress with me. Olga and I put it into over-drive to get the flowers done sooner. Working day and night, we were able to move our scheduled finish time up considerably. About a half hour after I had finished the last boutonniere, Margot called to tell me that her mother had passed. The family had a lovely memento of a much loved Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother.

My deepest sympathy goes out to Margot and her family. (6 photos)

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Jolene Sodano wanted to have her daughter's First Communion dress designed using the remnants of her wedding dress. We had already created a christening gown for her youngest daughter from the dress.

Although there was quite a bit of material to use, we did have to augment it to get the overall look we were after. Jolene gave us a year to create this outfit. I was able to use that time to find just the right trims, laces and matching satins to get the gown that her daughter dreamed of being able to wear.

To be honest, I felt like I was shipping off a personal masterpiece. (5 photos)

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Carol Ruth sent several of her late mother's shirts to have bears made for her children and herself. Each bear was made from one shirt with contrast from one of the other shirts. ...

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