Gifts That Tie Generations Together

Christening Accessories

Grandmother’s Wedding Dress Converted to Gifts

OconnorK gownrobe01webKathleen O’Connor sent her wedding dress from 1956 to have a number of Christmas gifts made, including a unisex christening outfit for her grandchildren and great grand children to use.

Her wedding dress was covered in lace so we tried to really bring out the lace in each project.  We made an ornate, unisex gown using the lovely older satin from the WD and created a lacy robe to go over it.  We also made  bib, diaper cover, kerchief, headband and a petal rose corsage.

OconnorK ornaments01webwd rosecorsage01OconnorK booties01web OconnorK bib01web OconnorK bonnet01webOconnorK headband01web OconnorK panties01web

Boy and Girl Christening Outfits from Mom’s Wedding dress

FrostD romper01webDolores Frost sent her wedding dress to have us make a romper for her son’s upcoming baptism and a gown for future children.  Her gown had some lovely embroidered mesh and bead work.  We used the mesh on both the gown and on the romper vest.

We also made a pair of matching booties and a gathered rose corsage from the wedding dress.

FrostD Gown01webFrostD corsage01webFrostD booties01web


Custom Ornate Unisex Christening Gown


Jennifer Bean sent her mother’s wedding dress to have a unisex christening gown made for the family to use. Although the gown was meant to be used for both boys and girls, we did use the lovely lace and chiffon from the original dress. We also made a matching bonnet and protective bib.

Wedding dress baptism romper in purple

BaileyC romper02webChantel Bailey sent her wedding dress to have a romper made for her son. Since her dress had some lovely panels of purple, we made a romper with a faux vest and used the purple on the vest. When it was done, it just seemed like a matching bow tie pin was called for. We also made a reversible bib.

Chantel also asked if I could make the bodice of her dress into a decorative pillow. I tried to keep it as close to the shape of the bodice as I could.

BaileyC pillow01webBaileyC bib01webBaileyC wdweb


Mom turns wedding dress into christening gown

Megan McCullough sent her wedding dress to have this outfit made for her daughter and future children’s christenings. We kept the bodice relatively plain, but had to incorporate the beautiful embroidery and bead work in the skirt.  We also made a boy’s bonnet and a girl’s bonnet as well as a bib.  The final touch was a stemmed petal rose.


Unisex Christening Gown from Mom’s Wedding Dress

SnavelyC02webChristina Snavely wanted us to make a unisex christening outfit from her wedding dress for her son and any future children and grandchildren. We made a unisex gown in our “Bishop” style with a large collar. She wanted a long gown and we couldn’t get the length from her dress as one piece so I added a horizontal contrast hem. We also made booties, bonnet and a protective bib.

Family Christening Heirloom from Grandmother’s Wedding Dress

This gown and robe ensemble was made from Lindsay Roy’s “grandmomer’s” wedding dress. Lindsay wanted a family heirloom to pass on to future generations once her son used it. We made a unisex gown and a robe that allowed us to take advantage of the lace from the WD. We also made a unisex bonnet and bib as well as two 14″ teddy bears

RoyL gownrob01webRoyL gown01web RoyL bonnet01web RoyL bib01web RoyL bears01web RoyL wd01web

Grandchildren Christening Ensemble from Wedding Dress

PetersonC02webCathy Peterson sent her wedding dress to have a baptism ensemble made for her grandchildren. She chose to get our gown/romper combo that includes a girl’s gown, a boy’s romper and a head piece. We also made a ring pillow and kerchief.

Her WD had a limited amount of satin that we used on the bodice of the gown and for the faux vest on the romper. This ensemble took just about every square useable inch of the wedding dress.

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