Gifts That Tie Generations Together

Boy’s Hat

Christening Gown and Romper for Grandchildren

Cynthia Bauknecht sent her wedding dress to get a christening gown and romper combo for her grandchildren to wear.  Here gown worked well with our “princess” style.  It gave us a chance to use the lovely lace from the WD skirt.  For the romper, we treated the organza and the lining fabric as one fabric on the pants to give them a more elegant look.


A Dash of Color

Jo Ann Chance sent us her wedding dress to have baptism outfits made for her daughter and future grandchildren. There was quite a bit of excitement in the studio when her WD arrived because it had beautiful red satin and silver embroidery/bead accents.   We don’t get to work in color all that often with our Christening outfits.  All of us wanted to work on this project

JoAnn wanted our gown, romper and bonnet combo. She also added a boy’s cap, a bow tie pin and a protective bib.

ChanceJ gown01ChanceJ bonnet01ChanceJ bib01ChanceJ WD01ChanceJ romper01ChanceJ cap01

Christening Gown with Overlay & Romper

Ann Szapor wanted her wedding dress turned into a christening gown and romper set for her first grandchild and future grandchildren. She originally ordered our Gown, Romper & Bonnet combo with the addition of a boy’s cap but she really wanted an overlay on the gown similar to some of the photos she’s seen on our web site. An overlay or robe is an additional garment and it takes quite a bit of time to make so we charge $220 for this add-on. However, we offer a Gown with overlay combo that includes a bonnet. It was less expensive to switch to a Gown with Overlay combo and add the romper and cap. She also added a ring pillow and kerchief.

SzaporA gownwoverlay

The overlay was made from the WD mesh and lace. It is sleeveless with a ribbon closure. We did have to add some of our own lace trim at the opening.

SzaporA gown

Normally, when we make an overlay, the actual gown is plain. However, Ann’s wedding dress had two layers of mesh and an organza accordion gather at the hem. We decided to use the plain mesh and accordion gather on the gown and added some of the floral lace appliques so that you could see them through the overlay.

SzaporA romper

We used the base fabric from the WD for the little man romper and took just a bit of the lace mesh and added it to the faux vest.

SzaporA bonnet

The matching bonnet included some of the lace mesh.

SzaporA hat

The boy’s cap was made from the WD base fabric.

SzaporA Kerchief

The kerchief was made from the WD base fabric with an embroidered “S”.

SzaporA WD

The wedding dress was covered in lace with two layers of organza on the skirt. Some of the netting under the lace of the bodice had fabric rusted but the lace itself was still in good condition so we removed it from the mesh and used it as applique to the christening gown skirt.

Unisex Christening Outfits for Grandchildren


Kim Bokowski sent her wedding dress to have christening outfits made for current and future grandchildren. She chose to have a unisex gown with overlay and an ornate ceremonial robe along with accessories to make a complete ensemble for either a boy or a girl. We took advantage of every last bit of fabrics and materials from her original dress.

Lovely Lacey Combo

ShepardR01webRocki Shepard sent her wedding dress to have a girl’s christening gown and boy’s romper as well as several accessories made. The WD was older and had a few staining issues, but it also had some beautiful mesh with lace and beads that we tried to highlight in the christening gown.

Grandma’s Dress


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Jody sent her wedding dress from 1984 and a first communion dress to have outfits made for her grand children. We were able to get a lovely ensemble with a princess style gown and a romper with faux vest. The outfits were accessorized with bonnet and cap as well as panties, slip and bib.

The package arrived today!  I am so impressed with all the garments.   My daughter is going to be so delighted when she sees them.   I can’t wait to see her expression.   The quality and workmanship is superior.   They are simply gorgeous and beyond my expectations.   The pictures simply don’t do them justice.   These will make the christening so very special and mean that much more.    Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication in making these special memories for our family.

Jody Toth

Planning for the Future


Click on photo to enlarge

Click on photo to enlarge

Donna Johnson sent her wedding dress in to have christening outfits made forher grandchild and future grandchildren. She also asked us to make a ring pillow for her daughter’s future wedding. The gown was from the 1970s and had some lovely floral applique. The applique had colored over time and there wasn’t anything we could do about the color, so we incorporated it and the whole ensemble had a lovely heirloom quality to it.

Two Christening Outfits from Mom’s Wedding Dress

Linda Lotton wanted two complete christening outfits made from her wedding dress. Her dress was not very large so we augmented her fabrics just a little in order to get the two full outfits. Each set consisted of a christening gown, boy’s romper, boy’s cap and a headband. Olga and I were pleased with the results–and so was Linda.

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