Gifts That Tie Generations Together

Holiday Gifts

Grandmother’s Wedding Dress Converted to Gifts

OconnorK gownrobe01webKathleen O’Connor sent her wedding dress from 1956 to have a number of Christmas gifts made, including a unisex christening outfit for her grandchildren and great grand children to use.

Her wedding dress was covered in lace so we tried to really bring out the lace in each project.  We made an ornate, unisex gown using the lovely older satin from the WD and created a lacy robe to go over it.  We also made  bib, diaper cover, kerchief, headband and a petal rose corsage.

OconnorK ornaments01webwd rosecorsage01OconnorK booties01web OconnorK bib01web OconnorK bonnet01webOconnorK headband01web OconnorK panties01web

Quilted Tree Hanging Project

HTL TreeadventwebEvery now and then, I’ll find inspiration for a project and can’t resist trying it.  This quilted tree wall hanging is one of those projects.  It is intended to hang on a door or wall as a decorative piece but it is also quite functional :)  The tree has 24 buttons scattered on it so you can hang little ornaments for the holiday season on it.  In addition, since there are 24 of them, it can act as an advent calendar as well.

I made two of them and will be putting them into my gift shop for sale soon.

Heirloom Christmas Ornaments

I realize that we have quite a few months before Christmas but it really doesn’t hurt to think ahead if you want unique, heirloom gifts to give and at Fairy Godmother Creations, we tend to be thinking about heirloom gifts all year round :)

We’ve been receiving an increase in requests for Christmas ornaments made from wedding dress remnants lately and I thought it might be nice to hi-light a couple of the ones we’ve made in the past week.

PatriciaS ornamentweb01MorganA ornaments01web

We try to include some of the ornate lace or bead work where possible to make a family ornament that can be passed on to future generations as well.

Wedding Dress Converted to Heirloom Gifts

Susan Patricia decided to take full advantage of the materials from her dress when she sent it to us.  She wanted a variety of items made for her children, grandchildren and future grandchildren.  We made a couple of wedding garters, some embroidered kerchiefs and a ring pillow.  We pulled the satin binding from three baby blankets and replaced it with the satin from the wedding dress.  We also made a couple of sashes for future wedding bouquets, a Christmas ornament and a couple of zippered storage pouches.

PatriciaS garterweb01

We took the outside edges of some of the lace and created a satin ribbon to make the garters

PatriciaS kerchiefweb01

The kerchiefs for her daughters have lace trim.  All three kerchiefs were embroidered with the recipient’s initial and “Love Mom” on them.

PatriciaS pillowweb01

The ring pillow used some of the lace and bead work.

PatriciaS blanketweb01

We pulled the original binding off these blankets and put new binding made from the WD satin.  We also added and embroidered heart label

PatriciaS ornamentweb01

The ornament was made from a mix the veil tulle and some of the bits of lace and beadwork from the WD.

PatriciaS pouchweb01

The two zippered pouches were made from a patchwork of WD materials.

PatriciaS sashweb01

These sashes are for wrapping a future bridal bouquet

PatriciaS roseweb01

We made two stemmed roses for inserting into future bridal bouquets.

PatriciaS veilweb01

We also used the materials from the veil and added lace from the WD to make a new veil.


Lovely Tree Topper Angel from Wedding Dress


Jessica Varuolo wanted some of her wedding dress fabrics turning into an angel tree topper. Since I like to make custom dolls as a hobby, this was a challenge that I enjoyed taking on and was pleased with the outcome.
Jessica’s WD was covered in organza layers so I kind of did a miniature version of her wedding dress with some creative liberty in order to make it work in the angel. The wings are wired so they can be posed.

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