Gifts That Tie Generations Together

Jewelry Pouch

Flower Girl’s Train Skirts from Wedding Dress

Kathleen Hoppe sent her wedding dress to have two little train skirts for her daughters to wear as flower girls in their uncle’s wedding. Kathleen’s dress had lots of gathered organza ruffles–which gave me quite a challenge to tame smile emoticon In addition to the skirts, we made a couple of kerchiefs, a jewelry pouch and a wedding garter.

HoppeK skirt01fwebHoppeK skirt02fwebHoppeK JP01webHoppeK garter01webHoppeK kerchief01web

Christening Outfits from Two Grandmas’ Wedding Dresses

Mary Furman sent her wedding dress and her daughter’s mother-in-law’s wedding dress to have a christening outfit made for their first grandchild. The wedding dresses were both very different and mixing the different materials was a challenge, but we were pleased with the results.

FurmanM gown01web

For the gown, we used the satin from the MIL WD on the bodice and sleeves and added some lacey applique from Mary’s WD. The skirt used the lining fabric from the MIL WD and an overlay of organza and ace from Mary’s WD.

FurmanM Booties01web

The booties used the satin and lining fabrics from the MIL WD and we appliqued some flowers from Mary’s WD.

FurmanM Bib01web

The bib used the satin from the MIL WD and an applique of lace from Mary’s WD.

FurmanM Headband01web

The headband was made from the lining and organza of Mary’s WD with beads from the MIL WD.

FurmanM panties01web

The panties used the lining fabric from the MIL WD and were decorated with some accordion organza from Mary’s WD.


FurmanM Pouches01web FurmanM kerchiefs01webMary also had us make a couple of kerchiefs from her WD and two jewelry pouches for her to pass on to her children.

Jewelry Pouch and Bags Made From Wedding Dress

Diane Andrews sent her wedding dress to have three different size pouches made from it for her daughter’s upcoming wedding. We made a larger pouch for holding a curling iron, hair blower and other necessities. We made a smaller pouch for holding make-up and/or jewelry and we made a tiny pouch for holding the groom’s ring. There are a number of ways you can re-purpose your wedding dress for your daughter’s wedding–or even for your son.

Jewelry Pouch

Jewelry Pouch

Groom's Ring Pouch

Groom’s Ring Pouch

Accessories Bag

Accessories Bag

Silver Embroidery and Sparkle

BokinaEgroup01web1Erin Bokina sent her wedding dress to have a baptismal gown made for her daughter. While we were at it, we made a number of accessories for her as well including a pair of booties, a head band, a jewelry pouch, a bib and a kerchief.

Hi Liane! Wanted to share these photos with you… Sadie was baptized in early January and looked SO sweet in my wedding gown. My dad is her godfather (pictured below) and he and my mom purchased my wedding dress 10 years ago. Bet they didn’t think we’d get another use out of it. 
Erin Bokina

Christening Ensemble for Grandchildren

Laura Freeman sent her wedding dress to have an ensemble made for her grandchildren. She had some unique applique and silky net pattern on her wedding dress sleeves that we used on the collar of the unisex gown. We used some of the floral applique on the little bolero jacket to make the outfit more feminine for a girl. Laura also asked for a couple of jewelry pouches and we got a bit creative with them.

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Christening Gown Features a Lovely Belt

Margaret Dickens gave us a really interesting challenge. She had the robe to a family heirloom christening outfit but could not find the original gown. She sent her mother’s wedding dress and asked us to create a gown to go with the existing robe. She also had the original bonnet. We took the fabric from the original bonnet and used it to create a “belt” piece to the christening gown. We also used white embroidery and white lace to help the outfit tie together.

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