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This Gallery Page shows some of the outfits we’ve made in the various styles.  If you click on the thumbnail picture, it will enlarge so you can see the detail better.  The titles correspond to blog articles for these outfits so you can find the story about them if you click on the title below the picture. For current samples and stories about the outfits, click on our news tab at the top of the page.  We add photos and client comments weekly.

Christening Gowns3

Angel Style Gown Examples

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Our Princess Style Gown Examples

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Unisex Gowns

Angel Style Examples

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Bishop Style Examples

Ornate Bishop Style Examples

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Wife’s Wedding Gown and Husband’s Wedding Tie Combine to Create Christening Outfit




Rompers with Faux Vest

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Rompers with Pleated Bodice


Combo Packages

Gown & Romper Combos

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Click on photo to enlargeChristening Gown, Romper and Accessories from Mom’s Wedding Dress

Click on photo to enlargeFrench Gabardine and Lace



Unisex Gown & Robe Combos

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MunchakM 01webCGU003 0002bElmerK01webRuthC02webSpeerC01web OConnorEchristeninggownandrobeSchultepicswebBrunoJ01webJoinerM01webcombo unisexwrobe01Kim Beining sent her wedding dress to have outfits made for her soon-coming grand child and any future grandchildren. She wanted a bishop style gown and a ceremonial robe as well as a romper. The robe allowed us to use some of the elegant lace from her wedding dress.Colleen Speer wanted to get as much from her wedding dress as possible. When you only have one, sometimes it makes sense to think about the future. We made her future grandchildren a unisex gown with a ceremonial robe. That allows her family to use the outfit for any child/granchild/great grandchild. In addition, we made a boy's confirmation tie, a bib, three kerchiefs, a pretty headband and a coursage pin that incorporated a bit of each of the major elements of her wedding dress as a keepsake.CG-McGillK-bishop style christening gown


Unisex Gown & Overlay Combos

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AbbeKunisexchristeninggownLapierreA01webNafe Elissa01web (1)BlalekS outfitwebPeterson gowns webCGU003 0001bPollaccoC01webfergusK01webMcLeeseAcombo unisexwoverlay01Amy Rottier LaPierre asked me to post the before and after pictures of her outfit--something I always love to do. She sent her wedding dress to have an outfit made for future grandchildren. We went with a unisex gown from the basic dress fabric and a sleeveless overlay to incorporate the lovely lace and overlay materials from the original dress. Topped off with a unisex bonnet, a pretty decorative corsage pin and a couple of pocket squares for her son's future wedding.Beer outfitwebDoddR01web

 Ceremonial Robes

Click on photo to enlargeA Robe and Jewelry Pouch

Click on photo to enlargeBeadwork From Wedding Dress Enhances Robe

Click on photo to enlargeChristening Gown Features a Lovely Belt

We wanted to use some of the lovely bead work but didn't want to make the robe too feminine so we created strips from the bead work and satin fabric to run down both sides of the robe openingChristening Gown Features a Lovely Belt


Click on photo to enlargeJoyce Converts Her Wedding Gown into a Christening Gown and Romper

Click on photo to enlargeTwins Receive Christening Gown Made from Grandmother’s Wedding Dress

Click on photo to enlargeConverting a Wedding Dress into a Romper for a Christening

Click on photo to enlargeChristening Outfits – Including a Boy’s Tuxedo Jacket



DAbonnietb01webDAbonnietg01webgirlbonnet01CG-SterrazzaP-christeninggown-03CG-HoferA-christeninggown-03CG-RussellR-heirloomchristeninggown-02CG-SennerC-ensemble-4Lisa Manzo sent us a gown with lots of fabric so we were able to get two complete outfits from it. The lovely embroidery work from the original dress made a lovely accent on both the christening gown and the romper. With the gown, we added a little cape and we added a jacket for the romper. The outfits are finished with a bonnet, a boy's cap and unisex booties.We used the bit of lace from the original bonnet and some embroidery to tie the new bonnet to the whole outfit.



We made a simple graphic element from the satin piping to put on the bib.CG-SennerC-ensemble-3CG-HoferA-christeninggown-05CG-SterrazzaP-christeninggown-04CG-MesarosM-christeninggown-03sample bib01



CG-MesarosM-christeninggown-04CG-SterrazzaP-christeninggown-05CG-HoferA-christeninggown-04CG-RussellR-heirloomchristeninggown-03CG-SennerC-ensemble-5We used the original ribbon from the original bonnet and a scrap of fabric that we added some embroidery to along with the satin from the wedding dress for these booties.



CG-HickeyK-40 year old wedding gown becomes heirloom christening gown2CG-LottonL-christeninggown-4CG-RussellR-heirloomchristeninggown-05sample headband01sample headband02sample headband03


Boy’s Hats

Boycap01CG-SterrazzaP-christeninggown-06CG-LottonL-christeninggown-5CG-ManzoL-lovely lace on wedding gown makes beautiful christening gowns7



CG-SennerC-ensemble-6CG-RussellR-heirloomchristeninggown-04sample panties01


CGK RedmanK01CGK Option kerchief01CGK KerchiefKamme01webkerchief01Sample kerchief02Sample kerchief03


Bow Tie Pins

CG-FreiJ-complete christening ensemble for godson6


Jewelry Pouch

JP PouchKamme01webJP Freemanl05webJP DicksonS04JP DickensbagsJP TaylorA02Sample JP01


Tooth Fairy Pillows

tooth fairy pillow03tooth fairy pillow02Tooth fairy pillow01tooth fairy pillow04


Ring Pillows

BokowskiKpillow01webSpencerM02SertichMRpillowwebRing Pillow FolanwebCurryB04webWellsM02


Wedding Dress Teddy Bears


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