Gifts That Tie Generations Together

Transitions Gallery

Here is a gallery of examples that show the before and after so you can get a feel for what can be made from the different wedding dress styles.  Just click on any photo and it should enlarge so you can see more detail.

McCulloughM01webBauknechtC01KeepersJ01webWalshG01webHodginsK01webReynoldsJ01webKellyE items01webVeljacicS01webEcksteinAWDwebHarperL01webMatthiesK01webBeckerC01bwebSertichM01webBarfordJ 02webShepardR01webThompsonJ01webTaylorA01webTaglioneD01webStengerC01webspencerm01webSferrazzaP01webSettleK01webSertichM01webSernaR01webSeibertS01webSahliL01webPazyniakN01webPollaccoC01webRasnickD01webRoeK01webRukabJ01webRussellR01webRuthC02webOlszewskiE01webNolanP01webMurrayA01webMurphyA 01webMosleyC01webMikolajczykM01webMesarosM01webKolishM01webLichtenauC01webLottonL01webMangoD01webMarshalK01webMatthiesK01webMeademaR01webKellyE01webJohnsonJ01webJohnsonP01webWimmerV01webHoferA01webGreenoughC01webDimmittE01webDoddR01webDuttaS01webfergusK01webFigueiredoJ01webFreemanL01webGilliganD01webDemmingM01webDahrougE01webCollinsC01webBretonM01webHollandJ01webBozemanM01webBokowskiK01webArcherD01webBarronA01webBastT01webBianchiN01webBiskupS01webBokinaEgroup01web1BradleyJ01webTaglioneD01webLividniT-christeningoutfitschristeningboystuxedojacketAbbeKunisexchristeninggownClick on photo to enlargeDicksonS01webClick on photo to enlargeClick on photo to enlargeHarknessSbishopstylechristeninggownClick on photo to enlargeLetorneauJ-christeninggownandthreepillowsClick on photo to enlargeMurrayA-christening ensembleClick on photo to enlargeClick on photo to enlargeBurkartJ-christeningdressfromweddinggownGustafson01webClick on photo to enlargeCrystal Beads and Chiffon From Mom's Wedding Gown add to Beauty of this Christening GownWedding Gown's Chiffon Strips Enhance Unisex Christening GownElegance in Satin and LaceJoAnn Gustafson wanted us to use every last bit of her wedding dress to make a christening outfit and accessories for her granddaughter . . . So we didMeaghan Milmoe sent her mother's wedding dress and some lace from her Mother-in-Law's wedding dress to have a christening gown made for her daughter. There is something very special about having your daughter wear a gown that was made from the fabrics of both her grandmothers' wedding dresses.Heather Petro had us use her wedding dress to make a christening outfit for her daughter.Paula Conway had us make this christening gown as a gift for her niece. The wedding dress did not have much embellishment so we added a little of our own lace.Tina Lividini sent her wedding dress from 35 years ago to have outfits made for her coming grandchild and any future grandchildren. Tina wanted an actual, full, formal infant boy's outfit including a tuxedo jacket with tails. We also were able to get a long gown from the fabrics, but we used nearly all the useable materials her original dress had.Amy Taylor sent her wedding dress to have converted to this outfit for her daughter. We tried to capture the lace while keeping the overall look youthful. The little bolero jacket allowed us to really emphasize the pretty lace. Amy had also sent a couple of flowers from her hair piece that we incorporated into the head band and on to the jewelry pouch.Karyn True brought us her wedding dress to have outfits made for her granddaughter and future grandchildren. She wanted a total of three outfits from her gown. We had to cut very carefully to get all three outfits. There was literally just enough lace to be able to put it on each of the pieces. We also ended up making some pillows with the scraps.Janet Riddick sent her wedding dress to have outfits made for grandchildren. Her dress had lots and lots of ruffles. We incorporated a layer of ruffles on the christening gown. We also used some of the lovely embroidery work on both the gown and romper. A bib, booties and a cap completed the ensemble. However, we couldn't resist using some of those ruffles for a fun, decorative pillow.Tina Bast sent her wedding dress to have a christening outfit made for her first grandson and any future grandchildren. We made our "Bishop" style gown. That allowed us to inset just a bit of the lace from the original WD. We also made matching booties, a girl's bonnet and boy's cap as well as a few kerchiefs.

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