Gifts That Tie Generations Together

Bridal Gifts

Order formMost people send us a wedding dress to make special gifts for the bride. However, if you have something borrowed, something blue or just something special that you want made into a keepsake for the bride or groom.  We’re here to see that it happens.  To order any of these items below, just click on the Order Form button on the right.

Kerchiefs/Pocket Squares $32

Kerchiefs made from mom’s wedding dress make a lovely gift for the bride or groom.  They are also a way to give your son/grandson something from your dress for his wedding day.  We’ve even made kerchiefs that were put into shadow boxes as a decorative gift that could be taken out and used by a future generation.  Click Here for Order Form

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Ring Pillows $45

Ring pillows are a great gift for sons, daughter’s-in-law or to set aside for when that little one has grown up and is getting ready to be married.  They are also just a nice way to share an heirloom wedding dress with multiple heirs.  Click Here For Order Form

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Clutch $85

Our elegant clutch has a front closing snap and wrist strap.  We try to incorporate any  embroidery, bead work or lace and usually finish with a floral touch and bit of bling.  We can also make this option using different materials or even make a mother daughter duo.  The Adult version is $85, the Child version is $65.

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Curvy Purse $85

This cute purse is based on one of our favorite patterns.  It has a back zip pocket and large center holder with pockets, closed with a magnetic snap and a front pocket. The front pocket gives us a place to use embroidery, bead work or lace.



Jewelry Pouch $40

A great keepsake for an older child, a godmother or a future bride.  We make a simple, draw-string pouch that can hold make-up or jewelry on a special occasion (weddings, communions, christenings) and can be used to store special items afterward.

Each pouch is custom made from the materials you send us. We can add our own embellishment if you want though. The final pouch stands about 6″-7″ making it a nice little holder for jewelry or make-up for that special occasion.  It has a snap closure with a pull ribbon that acts as a wrist strap.  Click Here For Order Form

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Zippered Pouch $40

Use for storage and as a keepsake.  Our zippered pouch makes a lovely gift for the bride or for any family member that could use a way to keep special items from lingerie to photographs.

PatriciaS pouchweb01zip-bag02beckerb-zippouch


Wedding Garter $35

Use the lace from a veil or wedding dress or special garment to have us make a lovely garter for the bride to wear on her special day. We can create a custom wedding garter from any clothing that has meaning to you. Click Here For Order Form

sample garter01PatriciaS garterweb01Areddy c02webDAngeloD garters01webAvilesN garter01webJohnstonS garter01webmarinof-garter01webmckenzied-garter01webrizzod-garter01webburkholderj-garters01webmockc-garterblairs-garterdeann-garterdominod-garter01grantp-garterkuntzk-garterlividinit-gartermayers-garter01web



Bouquet Sash $35

A little something old to wrap around the bride’s flora bouquet.  We can create a lovely bouquet sash from your wedding dress or any other heirloom that has special significance to the bride.

WilliamsS bsash01webMarinoF bsash01webPetroskyM sash01webhalvorsenm-bsashdahlgrena-bouquetsash

How To Order

Order formAccess the PDF order from by clicking on the image or link.  Send your garment (s), along with the order form and deposit.  Include any information that you think I need to know aboout what it is you want.  Once I receive your package, I will contact you to discuss how to get you what you want. 

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