Gifts That Tie Generations Together


This page is still being put together.  As a hobby, I like to make one-of-a-kind dolls.  They are very time consuming but a good challenge.  If you have been wanting a unique doll made for someone special, let me know what you are looking for.  Here are some of the types of dolls I make.

One of a Kind Dolls $145

I can create one-of-a-kind dolls from clothing or wedding dresses for your enjoyment.

Bobbea sent me a wedding dress to make a doll from. She wanted something unique. This is an adaptation of a pattern designed by Stephanie Novatski and published in the November 2012 Soft Dolls and Animals magazine.sddoll05webmerfordamelia01web


Mascot Dolls: $235

I can create a doll based on a picture or illustration.

I created this doll for Georganne Baker. It is fashioned after a sketch she sent me and is a mascot doll for a charitable organization.bag-lady-image


Look-alike Dolls:  $235

Dolls based on real people. Just send a couple of clear pictures that I can use.

pddoll01web michael02webrrdoll02webskdoll

Note: I will not use the image of a famous person without proof that you have their permission.

Dolls based on Childhood memories $185

lydia01web   doll-proof

La Befana The Christmas Witch $185

A couple of years ago, a woman asked me to make a custom doll based on a Christmas story from her childhood. I was not familiar with the Italian story of La Befana, the Christmas Witch, at the time. Now, I get to make several versions of her each year and I love it.  Each 20″ La Befana Doll is custom made. Clothing colors and fabrics will vary.   It will usually take 4-5 weeks to get her to you depending on how busy things are around here.   If you are interested in having me make her for you,
here is an order form for you to print. 

I charge $185 for the doll and $15 for shipping.


Father Christmas $185

I can use old clothing and/or a fur coat to make an old fashioned Father Christmas


Doll Clothing $65-$85

Ceremonial Doll Clothing: This option was requested recently and we thought it was a fun option.  We will make a miniature version of the communion gown for your daughter’s favorite doll.  We currently have patterns to fit the American Girl or Cabbage Patch Dolls.  What a lovely heirloom to have.

SodanoDoll01webRandH dolldress01web


Want a fur coat or cape for a special doll?  We can make it with your fur or ours.



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