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Fur Keepsakes

This page offers some options we can make from fur garments that can be made in larger quantities at a lower price-point.  Each of these does have a minimum required order to make it possible for us to offer the options and still cover the time, materials and prep work required.  They also may have limitations on the customization and or types of fur we can use.

Friendship Bears $55 each (Minimum order of 4)

friendship-bear-01We call these our keepsake “Friendship Bears”.  They are about 9″-10″ tall.  Made in fur, they are a cute little keepsake.

Each Friendship Bear comes with shoe-button acrylic black eyes and a plastic nose with a ribbon on the neck.  Sorry, we can’t offer a choice in eye color. You can specify a general color for the ribbon we will get as close as we can but we carry a limited selection of colors (green, red, blue, yellow, purple, pink, silver-grey, wine).

  • $55 each (plus shipping)
  • Shipping is $10 for the first bear and $3 for each additional

NOTE: We can only make these out of relatively light weight furs like mink, beaver, muskrat, ermine, martin and some types of fox.  We CAN’T make these from mouton, seal, Persian lamb or most faux fur coats because the hide or material is too dense to turn at such a small size.

Order form

To order: Just print out our standard Memory Bear order form.  You can find it by printing on the Order Form box here.  Write “Friendship bear” in one of the blank spots toward the bottom right of the second page.  We are working on updating our web site this year to include on-line ordering options so please be patient.

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