Gifts That Tie Generations Together

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Beautiful Memories with Memory Flowers

Turn a piece of your wedding dress into a beautiful corsage or boutonniere, or include a rose bud made from a loved one’s neck tie in your wedding bouquet to make the memory of that loved one part of your special day.

We currently offer Petal Roses in single-stem flowers or in corsages and boutonnieres and gathered rosette corsages.  Click here for Order Form


Petal Roses

Petal roses are made by individually cutting each petal.  Although these are beautiful roses, they need a fabric that has some stiffness to it.  Fabrics like Satin and Silk and many of the lining fabrics found in wedding dresses are great fabrics for these roses.  Just about any Neck Tie will also work.  Loose fabrics with lots of drape (like chiffon and organza) and stretchy fabrics (like t-shirt fabrics) do not work well.  For those fabrics, look at our gathered rosette option below.

Rose Bud $25

MF petal rose bud NT

A single rose bud that can be displayed in a bud vase or incorporated into another floral element.  Each bud is hand cut and assembled with two leaves.  They are approximately 11″ tall.

MF boutonniere02 WDVarasJ rosebud01web


Full Rose in Bloom $35

PatriciaS roseweb01

A single rose in full bloom.  Just like our rose buds, each rose is hand cut and assembled with two leaves.  They are approximately 11″ tall.

MF full petal rose NTPatriciaS roseweb01MosierJ Rose01webpink roses01gardnerk-rose03webmcgroartyl-rose01web


Boutonnieres $38

MF boutonniere WD

Our petal rose boutonniere includes a couple of leaves and some wired pearl beads.  A lovely way to have a little of Mom’s wedding dress at that special occasion or Grandpa’s neck tie for Dad to wear at the christening of a first child.

  • Rose bud w/ two leaves and beads= $38

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MF Boutonniere NT02Boutonnieres 01MF boutonniere WDEngle group3boutonniere01Engle group1boutonniere01Engle group2boutonniere01


Corsages $65

MF corsage petal rose02 WD

Let us put our imagination to work in making a full corsage from your heirloom fabric.  Offered as a wrist corsage or a pin corsage, each piece is hand made.  We offer a couple of options from a single, full petal rose, a rose and rose bud or two full roses

  • One Full Petal Rose with Rose Bud = $65

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MF corsage petal rose WDEngle group2corsage01Engle group1corsage01Engle group3corsage01HodginsK corsage01webSodanoJ corsagewd rosecorsage01VarasJ corsage02webVarasJ corsage01webharmon-corsage



Gathered Rosette Corsage $65

NolanE Corsage01web

Gathered rosettes have been used for generations by fashion designers.  Each rosette is made by gathering and twisting strips of fabric to make the appearance of leaves.  Gathered rosettes do best with thin, loose fabrics and stretchy fabrics like chiffon, organza and even t-shirt materials can be used.  Different fabrics give a very different outcome.  We try to use some of the bead work or lace from any wedding dress when making a corsage-.  Neck ties aren’t really good for making a gathered rosette.

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gallighere-corsage01webFrostD corsage01webNolanE Corsage01webHodginsK corsage01webMF Gathered Rose01MF Gathered Rose02


Bouquet Sash $35

A little something old to wrap around the bride’s flora bouquet.  We can create a lovely bouquet sash from your wedding dress or any other heirloom that has special significance to the bride.

WilliamsS bsash01webMarinoF bsash01webPetroskyM sash01web


Garment Types:

Neck Ties:
We can get up to four petal rose buds or two buds and one full petal rose from a standard neck tie.  Neck ties don’t work well for gathered rosettes.

Wedding dress:
We can get 30-40 floral elements from a standard wedding dress depending on what we are making.  When using wedding dresses, we try to incorporate any lace or bead work elements, even netting.

Blouse or shirt:
We can get about a dozen floral elements from a blouse or shirt.

Scarf:  We can get 3-6 floral elements from a satin or silk scarf.

Order formOrdering

To order, just Click Here for a downloadable order form.  Print it off and send it, along with the garment you want used and payment to:  Fairy Godmother Creations  1001 E. Second Street, Suite 3140, Dayton, OH 45402.

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