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Quilting boxb
Quilting boxQuilting and Patchwork have been traditional ways to recycle old garments for hundreds of years.  It was a practical way to use any use-able fabric from an old shirt that could no longer be worn.  Now, it is a lovely way to remember the person who wore the clothing or a lovely way to remember a span of time like High School.  We can turn grandpa’s old shirts into blankets for family to share, hug and cuddle in and remember him by.  We can take some of those band uniforms & t-shirts and turn them into a warm, comfortable blanket your high school graduate can take to college.  Use a wedding dress or clothing to have Christmas tree skirts made for family members.

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 Quilts and Blankets

Baby Blankets & Crib Quilts $235-$275

Order formHaving a baby blanket made from a late loved one’s clothing can be a beautiful shower gift and a way to include the memory of that loved one with the coming of a new generation. Baby blankets made from a treasured wedding dress are also a popular baby shower gift. When made from wedding dress materials, these blankets are more decorative and shouldn’t be used for baby to sleep with unsupervised.  However, wedding dress fabrics make beautiful quilts.

Quilts take a considerable amount of time so I have to be able to adjust my schedule to make one. To order pillows or quilts, Click Here for a PDF Order Form

for Baby Blanket (36″ x 48″) I charge $235
for a Crib Quilt (42″ x 54″) I charge $275


Memory Blankets & Quilts

Order formQuilts made from clothing can be a lovely way to preserve memories.  Memory Quilts are very popular at graduation time.  You can give your high-school graduate a warm memory of their years in school by turning those old t-shirts into a quilt that should last a lifetime.  A Memory Quilt can also be a lovely way to wrap up in the memory of someone you have lost and want to feel close to.

Quilts take a considerable amount of time so I have to be able to adjust my schedule to make one. To order pillows or quilts, Click Here for a PDF Order Form

for a Lap Quilt (54″ x 72″) I charge $325
for a Twin Size (54″ x 90″) I charge $485

Shipping is an additional $15-$20.

For larger quilts, please feel free to call or email me to discuss what you might like. It doesn’t cost you anything to ask and I don’t bite.

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Fur Throws

Fur throws can be a nice way to use a fur coat.  They not only make a nice conversation piece, but can be something to cuddle with on a cold afternoon. However, because a fur throw is often used and handled, it can shorten the life span of the fur itself.  A throw can take a considerable amount of time to make so I have to be able to adjust my schedule to make one and the size depends on the size of the fur garment and how much of the fur can be used to make the throw. To order, Click Here for a PDF Order Form

for a fur throw, I charge $325
Shipping is an additional $15-$20.



Wall Hangings

I have not made a lot of decorative Wall Hangings but it is an interesting way to keep and display the materials from one or several garments. I like them because every one is a challenge.  However, it is also very difficult to price this service up front because I consider each one an individual textile art piece.  My Fabric Wall Hanging pricing is based on either a flat, patchwork and applique or a 3-D sculpture.

for a Flat/Applique design Fabric Wall Hanging I charge

  • $155 for an 18″ x 24″ rectangle
  • $195 for a 36″ x 24″ rectangle
  • $215 for a 36″ square.


For a 3-D Sculptured design I charge

  • $195 for an 18″ x 24″ rectangle
  • $235 for a 36″ x 24″ rectangle
  • $265 for a 36″ square

downsk-wallhanginggruenfelderm-hanging rosebroughc-wallhang

For a fur based wall hanging, I would want to discuss the kind of fur (s) and size before giving an estimate.  Feel free to call me at 937-231-5025



Christmas Tree Skirts

Order formWhat better way to share an heirloom wedding dress with multiple adult children than by having it turned into Christmas tree skirts.  Every year, this special heirloom is not only beautiful, but meaningful.

We can use your garments to make unique Christmas tree skirts. Tree skirts come in the following sizes and prices:

24″ across = $120 each
36″ across = $185 each
48″ across = $245 each
52″ across = $285 each
60″ across = $325 each

Shipping is $15 for the first skirt and $3 for each additional. To order,  Click Here for a PDF Order Form

My measurements are based on measuring across the full circle from edge to edge. So, the measurement from the tree trunk to the outer edge of the skirt would be approximately half of the total measurement. This means a 48″ skirt measures 24″ all the way around from the trunk.

Christmas Tree Skirt Video

Watch our short video about our Christmas Tree Skirt service.

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Standard Patchwork Pillow $45

Our standard Patchwork Pillow uses several pieces of clothing.  They run about 14″-15″ square unless you ask for a specific size. To order pillows or quilts, Click Here for a PDF Order Form

mary pillows01Patchwork pillows made from an old family quilt to share between four siblings.

pmpillow1Patchwork pillow made from a late wife’s nightgowns for her husband to hug at night.

VarneyM Pillows01webPatchwork pillows made from a late father’s shirts for his children.


Decorative Pillow $65/ Neck Tie Pillow $85

Our Decorative Pillow assumes special quilting techniques and custom design or hand work to apply ornamentation like beads or buttons. They run about 14″-15″ square unless you ask for a specific size. To order pillows or quilts, Click Here for a PDF Order Form

DSC_0151Decorative Pillow made from the train of a wedding dress

Pillow Sham blue star01webDecorative Pillow from jacket and shirts using quilting techniques.

mastrangeloj-pillow01webDecorative Pillows from neck tie.



BurkeL02StanislausT RP01webHeiderM01webBaileyC pillow01webmeadowsk-dpillow01webscottt-pillows01necktie-memory-pillow01webDlugoschK02webfreitagc-pillowsandrewsd-pillowsandrewsd-pillows-ntgrindelr-pillows01carrw-pillowfrontmacdonaldd-pillowcarrw-pillowbackcaskeyr-pillowsmastrangeloj-pillow02websenterc-pillowsvarneym-pillows01webparkere-pillows

How To Order

Order formAll of the items on this page share the same order form. You can access the PDF order form by clicking on the image to the right or link below.  Send your garment (s), along with the order form and deposit.  Include any information that you think I need to know about what it is you want.  Once I receive your package, I will contact you to discuss how to get you what you want. 

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To discuss your project or to make a reservation:

Phone: 937-231-5025

Liane Wagner
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Reservations are recommended, we work on each project in the order they come in unless different arrangements have been made.


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