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Lace and Buttons


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Jamie sent her wedding dress to have a unisex outfit made. Her gown was made of a very heavy satin with beautiful lace work all over it. It also had a long string of buttons down the back all the way down the train. We ended up using the lining material for the Bishop style gown but ran a row of buttons down the front and gave it a nice big bib collar so that we could use some of the lace. The robe is lined and has a ribbon front closure.

Liane, the outfit arrived today – it is truly more beautiful than I even imagined! I actually don’t know if I loved it more as a wedding dress or love it more as a baptismal gown and robe! I will absolutely send you a picture of Oliver in it on his big day in a couple of weeks. What an amazing family heirloom this will be. Thank you, thank you, thank you.¬†Jamie

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