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ChowC01web We make memory bears from wedding dresses. What better way to preserve Mom’s wedding dress and share it with siblings than for everyone to have a custom teddy bear made from it?  Or what better way to use the remnants of a wedding dress?  We try to use the significant materials from the dress in each teddy bear.  We can make the wedding dress bear only, or we can make outfits from the dress for the bears as well.

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We limit the size of our wedding dress bears to a maximum of 16″ because most of the fabrics in a wedding dress don’t do well in larger teddy bear sizes.  Each bear has jointed arms and legs, acrylic safety-lock eyes, plastic nose and comes with a ribbon or big bow.

  • $105 (plus shipping) for a 10″-14″ memory bear
  • $120 (plus shipping) for a 16″ memory bear


  • $15 ea Custom Scarf/Bow We can make a custom scarf or bow from a garment you send (it should be light-weight fabric).
  • $12 Felt nose If you’d prefer a soft, fabric nose instead of the plastic nose, we can do that.
  • $25 Premium German Glass Eyes (These are a special order and are available in three color options: Brown, Blue and old fashioned Shoe Button Black. (Glass eyes are NOT child safe.)
  • $18 to embroider two (2) initials on one foot per teddy bear (Because the foot pad is not that large, we are limited to two (2) initials per foot.)
  • $18 to embroider initials or name on scarf (I do not have a large, industrial embroidery machine so am limited to a 4″ space but I can put a name on each scarf)
  • Clothing: (I can make the clothing from additional clothing you send, or from the lining of a coat, or from my own selection of fabrics. the cost is the same)
    • $20 to make a vest
    • $25 to make a shirt/jacket/jumper
    • $45 to make a full custom outfit (up to three items)
  • Accessories: I have access to some simple accessories
    • $8 for Glasses
    • $15 for a Hat

Shipping Information

Shipping is $15 for the first memory bear and $5 per each additional bear. We are located in Dayton, Ohio (45402).

photo badge

$18 Photo Badge Send us a photo of your loved one wearing the garment–or just a favorite picture–and we’ll make a badge that can be pinned to your bear. You can email a digital photo or put a photo in with your order.


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How to Order

Order formDownload the PDF order form. Fill it out and send it, along with your garment and payment, to:

Fairy Godmother Creations
1001 E Second St #3140
Dayton Ohio 45402

If you you have additional questions or just want to talk to a human being before making your decision, you can contact me at.

For some reason, AOL doesn’t always allow my emails through. If you have emailed me and don’t receive a response within 24 hours, it means I either didn’t get your email, or my response did not make it to you.


Here are a couple of samples of wedding dress (and brides’ maids dress) bears and bunny.  Click on the photos to enlarge them to see more details.

wedding dress bear05CG-DickensM-gown with belt6PriceL01webChowC01webMosierJ Bears01webRoyL bears01webStollK01webandersons-bears01webnatterc-bears01webberischs-wdbears01webtendlerd-bears01webtendlerd-bear02webodonnellc-bear01webfloodm-wdbear01webgouldr-bear01webrizzom-wdbears01web


Frequently Asked Questions

How many bears can you get from a wedding dress? It does depend on the style of dress, but I can usually get the following:

  • Eight to ten 9″-12″ bears
  • Six to Eight 14″ bears
  • Four to five 16″ bears

Each bear has approximately 24 pattern pieces.  If someone wants more bears from a garment, I can sometimes adapt my patterns to make smaller bears. I don’t like to work with bears less than 9″ though.

What happens to the extra fabric?

Most of the time, there isn’t much in the way of extra fabric. Very few people have only wanted one bear from the garment they have sent me so I’m frantically working to get the number of bears they want from the available materials. However, occasionally there is a little left over. Unless the person who sent it specifically requests to have it back, I will discard it.  There may be a “return remnants” fee if the remnants are enough to impact the cost of shipping & handling.

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