Gifts That Tie Generations Together

There’s Still A Way to Give The Gift of Memories this Christmas!

Or Two Ways


Free Gift Acknowledgement!

Send your order now and we will send a custom Acknowledgement Certificate in a PDF that you can print and give to each person that you ordered a bear for.  Or, we can print the form out and mail it to you.


As a Christmas special, we will provide the Acknowledgement Certificate at no additional charge.  Just write “Acknowledgement Certificate” on your order form and get your order to us by December 18th. Order form

Make it a Pre-Paid Gift Kit!

memory-bear-gift-certificate-imagePurchase a Gift Certificate for a 16″ bear.  We will send an envelope with a printed certificate form and instructions that your loved one can fill out and send with their garment.  Each certificate is for one custom 16″ jointed bear with standard acrylic eyes and satin ribbon and includes the return shipping and insurance. All your loved one will need to do is ship us their garment (s) with the filled out form.

  •  16″ Fabric-Based bear = $120 
  •  16″ Fur-Based bear = $150

Order before December 18th and receive Free Embroidery of two initials on one bear foot. 

Learn More About Our Memory Bear Options and Pricing:

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