Gifts That Tie Generations Together

Soft and Squishy Non-Jointed Bears Now Available

nj fur andfabric02We now offer soft, squishy, non-jointed Memory Bears!

By popular request, I’ve developed a non-jointed memory bear pattern for those who want a softer and more “squishy” bear to hug.  These happy, huggable bears are intended to bring comfort, joy and good memories.

Our signature bear has jointed arms and legs. Joints allow you to move the arms and legs up and down and allows you to position a bear. They also allow the placement of the legs so that the bear can sit on its own. However, to accomodate the joints, we have to stuff the bears firmly so, although they are cuddly, they aren’t soft and “squishy” cuddly.

By creating a non-jointed bear, we don’t have to stuff it so firmly so we can make a much softer bear. Our non-jointed bear is not only great for hugging, it is going to be a bit more durable for younger children to play with and much more cuddly to crawl into bed with and hug at night. On top of that, we are able to offer it at a lower price than our jointed bears.

We are currently only offering one size. Our 16″ non-jointed fabric bear is $75 each and our fur-based non-jointed bear is $95 each. Shipping is additional.

Click here to find out more about our fabric non-jointed bears or

Click here to find out more about our fur non-jointed bears

Memory bears with outfits

This Christmas Season, we had a number of people ask for outfits on their bears.  As much as possible, we will make whatever you want on your bear that will make that bear special to you and your family.  Clothing, hats, glasses . . . you let us know what you want.

CaseyH bear01web Northrop BaumerJ01web CarvilleL01web SprinzC01webKaderbackD01webMarvinJ02webHunter S01webWolfeL01webhamiltonG01webSRbeara01webllpartydress02webSRbearc02web

Grandmother’s Wedding Dress Converted to Gifts

OconnorK gownrobe01webKathleen O’Connor sent her wedding dress from 1956 to have a number of Christmas gifts made, including a unisex christening outfit for her grandchildren and great grand children to use.

Her wedding dress was covered in lace so we tried to really bring out the lace in each project.  We made an ornate, unisex gown using the lovely older satin from the WD and created a lacy robe to go over it.  We also made  bib, diaper cover, kerchief, headband and a petal rose corsage.

OconnorK ornaments01webwd rosecorsage01OconnorK booties01web OconnorK bib01web OconnorK bonnet01webOconnorK headband01web OconnorK panties01web

Fur Jacket made into Cats

Barker Monica

Monica Barker sent her late aunt’s fur jacket/cape from the 1960s and asked me to make two cats for her and her mother for Christmas this year.  She specifically wanted Siamese cats, but I could not find a pattern specifically for that breed of cat and the coloring of the fur wasn’t really a good match.  However, I think we ended up with some very pretty cats.

Boy and Girl Christening Outfits from Mom’s Wedding dress

FrostD romper01webDolores Frost sent her wedding dress to have us make a romper for her son’s upcoming baptism and a gown for future children.  Her gown had some lovely embroidered mesh and bead work.  We used the mesh on both the gown and on the romper vest.

We also made a pair of matching booties and a gathered rose corsage from the wedding dress.

FrostD Gown01webFrostD corsage01webFrostD booties01web


Teddy Bear from Dad’s Shirt Makes Treasured Gift

GuerreroK01webKathy Guerrero’s daughter wanted only one Christmas present this year: a teddy bear made from her late father’s shirt. Kathy put her trust in us to get a special bear made for her daughter.

We used the softer lining material for the bear and the outer fabric for the accents. This little guy gave Kathy and I quite a ride during shipping as he was temporarily lost in transit–leading to a couple of very stressful days of trying to track it down. Thankfully, the US Postal system did finally get him to Kathy in time for Christmas.

I had to message you to let you know that my daughter loved, loved, loved her memory bear.
You made it from the fabric of his favorite jacket.  The nappy inside is the bear and the outer material
is the scarf, lined paws and ears!  Adorable.  She was sooooo touched.
Thank you for special memory gift that I know she will cherish forever.
Kathy Guerrero

Wedding Dress Turned Into Pillows


Maryann Heider still had her wedding dress after nearly 30 years.  Although her marriage had eventually ended in divorce, she wanted us to turn her wedding dress into three decorative pillows for her children for Christmas this year.

We tried to take advantage of the different materials in each pillow to capture as much of the original dress as possible.  I was really pleased with how these three pillows came out.  We used just about all of the embroidery and organza from the original dress.

Baptism Outfit from Both Grandmothers’ Wedding Dresses


Denise Durick asked us to make a baptism outfit that combined her wedding dress and her daughter’s mother-in-law’s wedding dress.

The two dresses were pretty different in color and design so it took some time to figure out how to best combine them. Our “Bishop” style seemed to give the best options and allowed us to make a more unisex gown with a chiffon and lace overlay. This also lead to mixing the two kinds of lace with the darker lace on the bottm and lighter lace scattered on top with bead accents.

I’m rather proud of this masterpiece that now represents both grandmothers.


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